We started modifying and tuning in the late 90's with '94 MKIV Supras to 850whp big single turbo with AEM EMS Supra. In early '02, we acquired a stock '98 Eclipse GSX that was set up and tuned with Apexi S-AFC, DSMLink, and now AEM EMS making 718+awhp. I have owned and still daily drive 700whp Evo's that I've personally built for myself. Therefore, we have hands on experience. Tuning, engine, and transmission builds are our specialty!

o EVO/Eclipse/Talon and Suby OpenSource flashes Road tune: $250 (1 map) or $400 (2 maps)
o EVO/Eclipse/Talon and Suby OpenSource flashes Dyno tune: $375 (1 map) or $525 (2 maps)
o AEM EMS tune: $500* (Call or email for exact costs)
o Hondata tune: $250 (starting)
o ECMLink V2/V3 Road tune: $250 (1 map) or $400 (2 maps) (Add $125 if Dyno tuned)
o S-AFC: $200

NOTE: Add dyno rates to the above fees if you want dyno tuning. Please inform us that you want dyno tuning so arrangements can be made with affiliated dyno
*Price is for a driveability tune with a single pump or race gas WOT (Wide-Open-Throttle) map

We currently Support and Tune the following:

o AEM EMS (All vehicles)
o Hondata S-series or K-pro's
o ECUFlash (EVO, STi/WRX)
o Datalogging tools: ROMRAIDER (Suby) and EvoScan (EVO)
o DSMLink V2 and V3 (Eclipse/Talon/Laser)
o APEX-i S-AFC (DSM, Supra, SRT-4, Honda, Nissan, etc)
o '95-'99 Eclipse/Talon Reflashable OpenSource tuning)

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